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Welcome to Bailey’s Grove Coffee and Creamery, a proud supplier of Premium Hershey Ice Cream. Our store features a vast  array of treats, meals, and even a few fun gifts. We have just about everything you could need for whatever you’re planning, whether a quick dessert, a full blown birthday party, or coffee with a friend. We even bring our goodies to your place with our great catering services. Explore our web page to find out more!


Service Counter

  • Store Hours            winter              spring & fall        summer
  • Mon-Fri:               8 – 8:00 pm       8 – 9:00 pm       8 – 10:00 pm
  • Saturday:              2 - 8:00 pm       2 – 9:00 pm        2 – 10:00 pm
  • Sunday:                 CLOSED            2 – 9:00 pm        2 – 10:00 pm

News from the Store:

We’re making a few changes to the store this year. One of these changes is this web page. We’ve also started a Facebook page and new Arctic Swirlers. An extra special change is our new rotating ice cream selection, a system that we’re trying out in order to see if we can get all 120 Hershey Ice Cream flavors into our store this summer!

Click here to see us featured in the Grand Rapids Press!

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